REALTIME WARRIORS studio is focused on creating compelling cinematics with the use of real-time engines such as Unreal Engine 4, Unity or Cryengine. We offer comprehensive service including: writing, storyboarding, previz, directing motion-capture sessions, set dressing, lighting, editing and rendering.

Moreover we can design and build entire locations from scratch. Thanks to our broad asset libraries and close cooperation with OPTIMESH we're not limited to content provided by the client.

The purpose of our work may vary from trailer content, in-game cutscenes & dialogues, TV commercials, 360/VR/AR experiences to mixed media videos. We're excited about any challenge.

Founders disclaimer: All shots from The Witcher 3 and both expansion packs were produced during my employment in CDProjekt RED. (full showreel can be found here). This website is temporary.

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